• Our History

    Midway Unity Fellowship started in April 2007

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    In The Beginning

    Small, Steady Steps

    Through divine foresight, faith in God, and spiritual inspiration, Midway Unity Fellowship Church became a reality. Worship services began April 7, 2007 at the Midway Fire Station on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Midway, Florida with five worshippers. Members remained there for three years and the membership grew to over 30 members. The need arose for more space. Consequently, the church leased a vacant lot from the Gadsden County School Board and leased a modular building that became the second temporary site.


    Within 24 months, the membership of Midway Unity Fellowship purchased 10 acres of land and hired a graphic designer to design a building to accommodate the needs of the community and church.

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    Our Current Location

    We Are Moving Ahead

    Blessings have overflowed in the last 11 years. God is doing great things for Midway Unity Fellowship. From 2007-2018, church membership increased exponentially. Midway Unity Fellowship actively engages in ministries that exalt the Savior, evangelize sinners, emancipate those who suffer, and equip the saints for service through ministries.


    “Ministry of Excellence” characterizes the ministry concept of the church and is personified by her members. While grateful to God for a bright, but brief past, Midway Unity Fellowship Church has “promises to keep, and miles to go” before she sleeps.


    The church is now in the process of building a new facility on 50 Mine Road Midway, Florida and continuing ministry that makes a difference!

  • Mission/Vision

    Mission Statement

    The Mission OF Midway Unity Fellowship is to build the best church, commit to purpose, use God’s Word to inspire, and to implement solutions to societal crisis by:

    • Preaching Truth with Urgency
    • Penetrating hearts and transforming lives
    • Calling sinners to repentance
    • Encouraging the downtrodden
    • Inspiring the Lord’s servants to love and serve Christ
    • Lighting the way God would have us go

    Vision Statement

    The vision of Midway Unity Fellowship is to become a church of holistic worshippers. (Romans 12:1-2) by~

    • Challenging and confronting the status quo through spiritual transformation
    • Inspiring and motivating people to see a world that they did not know exist and enable them with the ability to communicate the vision through Midway Unity Fellowship's ministries
    • Helping the less privileged release or remove obstacles of diversion and hindrance so that they will have the opportunity to be more productive and lift themselves us to pursue the purpose God has for their lives
    • Realizing and believing that the work being done now is better than the work that was done six months ago, and the work they will be doing six months from now will be better than the work they are doing right now